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Instute is affordable cloud-based software built with small colleges in mind.

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Why should your college choose Instute?

  • Access Anywhere

    Access Instute wherever you are. It's web-based. We host it. So you can forget worrying about IT and just run your college.

  • Everyone and Everything

    One system for everyone—students, faculty, and staff. One login for everything—courses, billing, you name it. Student Info, Online Learning, and a lot more—all in one package.

  • Serious Security

    Keep your data private, secure, and backed up. Firewalled, encrypted, password-protected, actively monitored… way safer than vulnerable local computers.

  • Simply Affordable

    One simple, per–student price gets you everything. No upfront charges. No hidden fees. Your cost scales with your enrollment.

  • File storage

    It includes storage and backup for the files you keep in Instute—documents, spreadsheets, even audio and video. It also includes encoding, streaming, and bandwidth for your media

  • SMS messages

    Each plan includes 20000 free SMS Messages, which count towards one SMS per individual recipient (Indian carriers only). Additional SMS Messages are available for 20ps per SMS recipient.

  • No fees for updates

    We handle all the upgrades and updates. You’ll always have the newest, most powerful version available—and our full support behind it.

  • Technology

    You don’t need new servers, new staff, or other software for Instute to work. All you need are things you already have: computers, web browsers, and high-speed internet.

  • In a few words…

    No money upfront. No nickel-and-diming. Nothing to install. Nothing to maintain. You get the whole program, and all updates and support, for one low price. So you can just run your college.

Instute Features

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